Summer Road Trip

Kurt and I decided on two goals for the trip: New Orleans and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. I'll go into more detail on these locations later. Other than that, we were going to play each day by whim.

We used a guidebook (300 pages of useful information printed from the web) made especially for this trip. This book proved very useful during the course of our trek. Not only did it provide valuable information (such as hotels, food, and 'hotspots') on various cities that we intended on visiting, the book also contained ideas for routes away from the beaten track and was loaded with historical and cultural information as well as other interesting tidbits of guidance. The primary websites Kurt used to gather this information were Road Trip USA and Rough Guides to Travel. To follow along on our trip use the menu on the left. Be sure to click on each picture for more views. (Day 0) We have also made background images of some of our favorite pictures.

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