Monday - 9.4.00

We got up late - around 11:00 AM - and packed up the Jeep one final time. We went to Union Station for lunch and watched the show at the Fudge Factory. I had to indulge and buy some of course. We ended up eating lunch at Landry's; nothing exciting to eat (shrimp and pasta mainly) compared to the culinary delights found elsewhere on our trek.

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We realized just how much we missed the food of New Orleans. We got out of St. Louis around 2:00 PM and continued West. We had to stop once on the way out of town to pick up the remainder of the magnets and the last tank of gas.

We arrived at Kurt's parents house (in KC) about 6:40 PM. We chatted for awhile and all went out to eat at Salty Iguana in Leewood, KS. Kirsten and Jaron also met us there for dinner. Once again we were eating Mexican food but at least it wasn't a Mexican Mafia restaurant. (Consequently we weren't able to continue our research.) Dinner was decent though. We made it back to Kurt's parents and moved all of our gear back to my car. We got on the road again by 8:30 PM continuing West out of KC to Manhattan, KS. We arrived back in Manhattan around 10:30 PM. Alas, 3300 miles, 10 days, 10 states, and 280 pictures later, we had reached the conclusion of our adventure. (Home) (Backgrounds)

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