Friday - 8.25.00

The adventure began as Kurt and I left work at 4:00 PM. After packing and preparing my car, we managed to leave town at 4:30 PM. The travel was progressing nicely until… Ouch! We ran into a traffic jam in Topeka, KS. It took nearly 1 hour for us to cover the ground between the quarter mile before the western tollbooth and the eastern end of the construction on the I-70 turnpike. At least we had been forewarned about this issue and somewhat expected traffic to be heavy. After all, the Wildcats were scheduled to play Iowa at Arrowhead Stadium the next day. To add to the fun, the air conditioning doesn’t work in my car when it’s idling… did I mention it was over 100 degrees?

Dinner: 7:30 (we arrived a half-hour late thanks to the traffic jam) at Californos in Kansas City, MO. This was our first stop of the trip. Also, I met Kurt's parents, sister and Jaron for the first time.

Dinner was tasty and lasted about 2 1/2 hours. We partook in 4 courses, 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne. Kurt and I then proceeded to Kirsten and Jaron's house for more beer and to witness the ‘Seance Room’ (don’t ask).

We ended up leaving Kirsten’s and Jaron’s around midnight and proceeded to Jody and Kat's house where we of course had more beer and good conversation. We also played the card game "Grass" for about two hours. Zach and Jamie (Jody's brother) from work were also spending the night there. We finally were able to settle down and go to bed about 3:30 AM. (Day 1)

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